THE I DevSecOps Methodology

In our company the DevOps methodology is full integrated with security, which has a fundamental role during the applications life cycle.

Until today, the security role was subject to a specific team that came into play in the final phase of development. An effective DevOps methodology guarantees rapid and frequent development cycles, but can become a problem if the security practices adopted are obsolete. Security in THE I is everyone’s responsibility, integrated from the beginning to the end.

DevSecOps in THE I means thinking about application and infrastructure security right from the start, as well as automating some security features to prevent them from slowing down the development pipeline. To implement these automations we make great use of Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) strategies, API management, orchestration, release automation, and operation management and monitoring.

The DevSecOps methodology is the ideal solution to make security an integral part of the entire application life cycle. It is an integrated security that does not just act as a perimeter around applications and data.

We advise our customers to keep development cycles as short and frequent as possible, integrate security measures avoiding the interruption of operations and stay ahead using innovative technologies such as containers. In THE I all these initiatives are the result of the full expression of the team’s collaboration.

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