DevOps and Agile

DevOps and Agile are two methodologies that contribute to faster software development and release, through a better organization of work and the use of dedicated technologies that create an optimized development environment.

The combined use of these two methodologies allows to obtain better results, in less time, with less waste, fewer costs, and more customer satisfaction.

The paradox of DevOps and the Agile methodology is: BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER. Companies that adopt these methodologies become more competitive in the market, they reduce errors, waste of resources, and economic losses.


DevOps is a cultural and organizational (r)evolution of the processes of software development and delivery, based upon collaboration of development and operations teams and advanced automation. Using specific tools and practices, software development and release is Better, faster an cheaper.

The key concepts of DevOps are:

Adopting a DevOps corporate culture and/or outsoursing DevOps, means to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce release times, reduce costs and improve safety.

In THE I we apply the DevSecOps methodology that integrates security from the beginning, ensuring a fast and safe workflow. Security is not an obstacle to project agility, but on the contrary it guarantees fast and safe code delivery at the same time. If security is integrated from the beginning of the software development life cycle, we can in fact track down problems before the software goes into production, avoiding a longer life cycle. Security solutions must evolve towards a new paradigm of flexible, cloud-based, resilient architectures that deliver scalable security services at DevOps speed.


DevOps Consulting

A new paradigm for operations that cuts costs and improves business competitiveness thanks to an Agile approach. Less waste, less time to market, more consistency.

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The Agile methodology was created to optimize and improve the software application development process and manage IT projects, which most of the time went beyond budget and timeframes.
Time, quality and cost are non-negotiable factors. The principles on which the Agile methodology is based are married to the principles of DevOps and are: