Software Development

We develop software adopting an Agile workflow and the DevSecOps approach. We develop replicable and scalable infrastructures using Infrastructure-as-Code techniques.

We develop by adopting an Agile workflow and the DevSecOps approach. Our methodology means better quality of the product released, reduced delivery times, increased security, GDPR compliance, and cost optimization.

Website and e-commerce

We develop custom websites and e-commerce, helping you define your goals, and advising you on the best way to pursue them through your website. We design a path for each project which consists of sharing initial ideas, defining the objectives, design, development, and finally delivery.

The development of a company website is a process to be carried out together, and for this reason in every step of the project, we deal with the client in order to arrive online with a site that perfectly meets expectations. We can design totally custom websites or use cms, like WordPress, to give you the possibility to manage them independently. Thanks to our technical skills, the websites we design are also highly performing and safe. We can support you in your PCI DSS and GDPR compliance procedures.

Web Application

We develop custom web applications, useful solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company in a functional and reliable way for your employees or your customers.

We provide both the option of distributing applications with SaaS model and on-premise model, also handling the maintenance of the necessary network infrastructure if required.

The advantages of a Web Application developed by THE I

  1. Distribution of versions with CI/CD systems to optimize time-to-market and integration of new functionalities in a safe and fast way.
  2. Accessibility distributed on any device in a functional and fast way thanks to full responsive interfaces.
  3. Focus on UX and UI to develop a simple and usability efficient app.
  4. Cross-Platform development possibilities to deploy the platform in native mode on mobile devices.

Mobile APP

Mobile apps make it possible to reach users via smartphone.

We like to experiment with new technologies with the ultimate goal in mind: to create a high-quality digital product that meets the customer’s requirements.

Customer satisfaction is the first parameter we want to satisfy, that’s why before we start to develop the app we always organize a series of meetings to fully understand the customer’s requests. These meetings aim first of all to understand if an app is really the perfect tool to respond to the needs of the customer, even if it’s against our interests, it happens to advise against the creation of a mobile app. Sometimes a responsive website or a PWA are uncompromising alternative solutions.

When do you need an APP?

Apps are very powerful tools, which allow you to deliver very high-performance experiences. The real advantage of native apps, in addition to performance, is the ability to use smartphone features such as cameras, Bluetooth, and NFC.
Developing a native app also means developing in parallel for Android and iOS. You also have to consider which devices you want to reach, developing for tablets or similar devices is another challenge.

Transaction in app?

Implementing the possibility of payment through the app involves some issues that it is good to know. In order to process transactions, you need to rely on external providers who claim a percentage of the transaction.
Sounds complex, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We can help you to choose an external provider or set up the payment on your website implementing the procedures to be PCI DSS compliant.

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We develop security strategies that can prevent cyber attacks, manage risks, avoid downtime and malfunctions and protect sensitive information and data.

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DevOps Consulting

A new paradigm for operations that cuts costs and improves business competitiveness thanks to an Agile approach. Less waste, less time to market, more consistency.

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Blockchain Services

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Cloud Optimization

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System Integration

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Continuous Monitoring

We design NOCs and SOCs that guarantee the continuous delivery and availability of services and the highest protection against cyber attacks.

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Software Development

We develop software adopting an Agile workflow and the DevSecOps approach. We develop replicable and scalable infrastructures using Infrastructure-as-Code techniques.

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In IT, most of the unforeseen events occur by human error. Updating on topics and technologies of Cybersecurity and DevOps becomes more and more fundamental for companies.

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Privacy Assessment

THE I, in partnership with legal experts, can help your company to verify GDPR compliance and, if necessary, correct procedures and documentation to comply with these regulations.

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