DevOps Consulting

A new paradigm for operations that cuts costs and improves business competitiveness thanks to an Agile approach. Less waste, less time to market, more consistency.

Better organization and team efficiency, better performance. DevOps is a software development culture and methodology that consists of achieving close collaboration between the Development and Operations teams throughout the software development lifecycle.

DevOps in Outsourcing

We can help your company and your DevOps team to manage workloads, to create better products, to find innovative solutions with a particular focus on security and efficiency. We help your team to maximise the best DevOps practices and tools to achieve better results, solve critical issues early and optimize costs. We become an integral part of our clients’ team, we help to introduce and integrate the adoption of new processes and technologies and we have an excellent propensity for team working. Thanks to the many tools for collaboration and process management, we structure an agile and effective collaboration

We build DevOps Team

Setting up and growing a DevOps team in a company is no easy task. The skills required are many and constantly evolving, so in DevOps it is necessary to identify not only people with the right background, but also with the right personality and professional culture. THE I can help you build your DevOps team, either by training professionals or by recruiting new ones.

Our main goals: quality and safety of the software and customer satisfaction.

The challenge for DevOps is not only to replace obsolete methods and practices but to change the culture and mentality among all the company members, from management to developers, so that they work in sync. The goal is automation and continuous integration that allow faster, safer, and more efficient releases. To keep competitiveness high, every company should start a process of change in this direction.

Through a range of practices and tools the development and delivery of infrastructure are faster, better, cheaper, and more scalable. The benefits of applying DevOps are therefore multiple and also include a reduction in errors and waste of resources, thanks to the reduction of manual tasks replaced by automated processes such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

CI/CDs introduce constant automation and monitoring throughout the entire life cycle of applications:

  1. Minimized Manual
  2. Activities Rapid bug detection and resolution
  3. More frequent and faster updates and releases

Infrastructure as a Code

Another fundamental concept of the DevOps methodology is Infrastructure as Code (IaC) : Managing an articulated IT infrastructure is a complex task that must include a vast set of skills and experts.

Using quality code to develop an infrastructure allows to apply all the advantages of good development principles, introducing for example the possibility to apply an effective versioning system, avoiding the problems that can result from the repetitiveness of the standard architecture expansion process, which generally tend to negatively affect the time-to-market of a platform and expose it to potential human errors or security issues.

DevOps e Container

Lastly, at the base of DevOps there are applications based on microservice and container architectures, which dialogue with each other through APIs. A container is a lightweight, independent, executable software package that includes everything you need to run an application: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and settings. THE I within the DevOps process includes another fundamental aspect that is security, so we are talking more properly about DevSecOps.

DevOps Consulting

We help our clients to achieve high performance and to develop optimized and high quality solutions, resulting in immediate and maintainable savings in time and money. Contact us to explain your needs, your project, we will propose the type of advice appropriate to your needs. Download the company profile to discover our references.

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DevOps Consulting

A new paradigm for operations that cuts costs and improves business competitiveness thanks to an Agile approach. Less waste, less time to market, more consistency.

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