Experts in Cybersecurity and DevSecOps.

THE I is a company that operates across borders, whether geographical borders, market sectors or technologies. We develop and manage complex projects with an Agile approach, DevOps culture and tools, with a particular focus on security, in fact we are experts in Cybersecurity and Monitoring.

Our services are tailored to the client’s needs, our team has highly specific skills and is able to operate at all levels in the IT sector, thanks to our experience in several sectors with Italian and international companies and corporations.

The structure of our company allows us to be efficient and fast and to reduce response times and costs compared to our competitors. We operate through an approach based on agility, efficiency and reliability.

Continuous training and knowledge of the most up to date and efficient technologies and methodologies allows us to develop actions and activities tailored to our customers, ensuring total safety, optimization of time and resources, training and assistance. The aspect that distinguishes us most from our competitors is the attention to detail, customer care, high specialization and modularity of services. We can be your partner remotely or offer you in-house consultancy.

The I is based in Thiene, in the province of Vicenza, but our clients are all over Italy, in the United States and Canada, and in a partnership with Innovant sees us present throughout the EMEA market.