& DevOps

Experts in Monitoring and Cybersecurity, app & infrastructures development with DevOps approach and Agile workflow.


We develop security strategies that can prevent cyber attacks, manage risks, avoid downtime and malfunctions and protect sensitive information and data.

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DevOps Consulting

A new paradigm for operations that cuts costs and improves business competitiveness thanks to an Agile approach. Less waste, less time to market, more consistency.

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Blockchain Services

We will help you discover, apply and benefit from the potential of Blockchain technology in your project and company.

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Cloud Optimization

We use the best services available on Cloud Computing platforms, with an eye to optimizing infrastructure costs.

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System Integration

Increase flexibility and business competitiveness thanks to a digital transformation path. We deal with the integration of scalable systems and platforms.

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Continuous Monitoring

We design NOCs and SOCs that guarantee the continuous delivery and availability of services and the highest protection against cyber attacks.

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Software Development

We develop software adopting an Agile workflow and the DevSecOps approach. We develop replicable and scalable infrastructures using Infrastructure-as-Code techniques.

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In IT, most of the unforeseen events occur by human error. Updating on topics and technologies of Cybersecurity and DevOps becomes more and more fundamental for companies.

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Privacy Assessment

THE I, in partnership with legal experts, can help your company to verify GDPR compliance and, if necessary, correct procedures and documentation to comply with these regulations.

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Your partners in digital transformation

We help companies take advantage of the opportunities opened up by new technologies, designing innovative, effective solutions, tailor-made to customers' needs, guaranteeing high standards of Cybersecurity.


Entrust the management of your IT services to a reliable partner and focus on your business.

You can optimize time and costs choosing a Manage Service Provider. Outsourcing your IT services ensure you unlimited support, proactive management and maintenance and provider handling.

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Pancrazio Auteri - Chief Product Officier at Vendini Inc

Our struggle was releasing new software with confidence, faster and with lower costs. We found a great team with competence and high standards.

Francesco Cavasin - Sales Manager & Advisory Board Member at Horizon Security S.r.l.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with THE I on some projects within Network & Security. I particularly appreciated the skills demonstrated during the activities carried out, the high degree of autonomy, the ability to operate in complex contexts and with heterogeneous teams.

Rob Cacciottolo - TechOps Manager at AudienceView Ticketing

The team at The I has been a great addition to our operations. They possess the knowledge and experience we were looking for and have seamlessly integrated with our team. We see great value in the partnership.