Blockchain Services

We will help you discover, apply and benefit from the potential of Blockchain technology in your project and company.

With our partner Onlytech Industries, we develop Blockchain solutions tailored to your needs, using a wide and advanced technology stack and integrating cybersecurity activities. The I works alongside Onlytech Industries on the infrastructure and cybersecurity side.

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The projects, use cases and sectors involved in this conceptual and technological revolution are many, first and foremost the financial services. Also, the insurance, telco, real estate, healthcare, and public sectors can benefit from the blockchain. We can help you translate your ideas into use cases, identify the best technology stack and create the blockchain solution that will shake up your market.

Blockchain business platforms

Blockchain use cases are constantly increasing, from supply chain tracking, transaction management, data storage or supplier management. We can build a platform for your business, build a cryptographically protected distributed ledger suited to your organisation’s needs for the secure and tamper-proof exchange of data and information.

Smart Contract

Smart Contracts are agreements between two or more parties recorded on a Blockchain, such as Ethereum. These agreements contain a set of ‘instructions’ expressed through computer language, which are automatically executed by the Blockchain network upon the occurrence of events and conditions predetermined by the parties. This implies high efficiency and speed of execution, but also eliminates possible disputes and the need for intermediaries. The Blockchain guarantees the visibility and transparency of these contractual obligations and the immutability of the recorded transactions. The cryptographic security of smart contracts ensures that they cannot be tampered with.

Today, the main applications are tokens issuance, cryptocurrency exchanges, and the recording of transactions involving the ownership of assets. The blockchain is becoming more and more important in the insurance field for the management and execution of policies, in the real estate field for the purchase and sale of real estate and the management of mortgages, but also in the management of corporate transactions or the protection of intellectual property

Development of non-fungible “NFT” tokens

The role of NFTs is to identify the ownership, but also the authenticity of assets of any kind, which in addition to being digital can be physical.

NFTs have opened up numerous scenarios in the world of art, gaming and music, but more generally in the context of the “internet of value”. Just think about the web apps in the commercial sector for product traceability, in tourism, real estate, but also in public administration.

Decentralised applications (dApps)

DApps are fully open-source decentralised web applications that run in a distributed peer-to-peer network. Using the power of thousands of computers. DApps allow users to interact with smart contracts. While the Blockchain acts as an immutable electronic ledger, smart contracts execute predetermined conditions. This implies reduced operational costs, increased security of customer data and system resilience.

Blockchain Cybersecurity

We work to identify any security vulnerabilities in your systems and applications. We work on the security of your smart contracts to avoid attacks such as Reentrancy, Overflow and Underflow.

Our approach to development and security involves integrating security into the entire lifecycle of a project. Our expertise in DevSecOps allows us to automate security processes. Find out more about our Cybersecurity services.


The first Italian platform for the creation and sale of NFT for music.

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We develop security strategies that can prevent cyber attacks, manage risks, avoid downtime and malfunctions and protect sensitive information and data.

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DevOps Consulting

A new paradigm for operations that cuts costs and improves business competitiveness thanks to an Agile approach. Less waste, less time to market, more consistency.

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Blockchain Services

We will help you discover, apply and benefit from the potential of Blockchain technology in your project and company.

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Cloud Optimization

We use the best services available on Cloud Computing platforms, with an eye to optimizing infrastructure costs.

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System Integration

Increase flexibility and business competitiveness thanks to a digital transformation path. We deal with the integration of scalable systems and platforms.

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Continuous Monitoring

We design NOCs and SOCs that guarantee the continuous delivery and availability of services and the highest protection against cyber attacks.

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Software Development

We develop software adopting an Agile workflow and the DevSecOps approach. We develop replicable and scalable infrastructures using Infrastructure-as-Code techniques.

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In IT, most of the unforeseen events occur by human error. Updating on topics and technologies of Cybersecurity and DevOps becomes more and more fundamental for companies.

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Privacy Assessment

THE I, in partnership with legal experts, can help your company to verify GDPR compliance and, if necessary, correct procedures and documentation to comply with these regulations.

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