Category: Blockchain

19 November 2021

Blockchain & Agrifood

Blockchain technology in traceability systems of agri-food products.

13 October 2021

Blockchain & Supply Chain

A growing requirement for supply chain transparency and surging demand for heightened security of supply chain transactions are significant growth factors for the market. Increased automation and removal of intermediaries with Blockchain in supply chain management would generate possibilities for market growth. Businesses are beginning to use the technology to increase transparency, traceability, accountability, and […]

18 June 2021

Blockchain & Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity considerations regarding blockchain. Can the blockchain be hacked?

15 April 2021

Will NFTs revolutionize the ticketing industry?

Not only Art. If you think NFTs are a bubble, you are not considering the possible use cases.

NFTs in art and music. How to create them, where to find them, but most importantly: are they a bubble?

Everything you need to know about NFTs in music and art industry. Unique digital objects that can be bought, traded, collected.

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