Log Management

Analyzing Logs allows you to analyze the operations executed in a system and discover the traces left by cyber criminals in case of attacks.

Log management is the activity that allows you to understand what is happening in real-time and what has happened on your systems, such as system accesses, failed transactions, possible hardware or software anomalies and possible threats.

We discover anomalies and threats through Log analysis

Correct Log management will allow you to have control over the status of the services, so you can be notified in case of threats and anomalies, analyze the problems found and keep the Logs even in case of damage.

Log management has two main purposes:

  1. To reconstruct the path of operations executed in a system and therefore, in the case of cyberattacks, to discover the tracks left by cybercriminals
  2. To provide support for system administrators or those developing an application.

Logs are true “computer documents” and although the obligation to register and keep them dates back to 2008, they have acquired a broader scope within GDPR regarding data protection.

We can help you collect, analyze, and store Logs from your systems, servers, endpoints, and devices, in an automated way, to ensure higher security of your systems and GDPR compliance.

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