Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence It includes the collection and analysis of information in order to profile and identify possible cyber threats from a technical, motivational, and strategic point of view, often in relation to specific operational contexts.

Predict attacks with Cyber Threat Intelligence

The intelligence, through the collection and analysis of data and information, draws a cyber threat picture, a global view of emerging trends and risks that helps business stakeholders and decision-makers become more aware and responsive and take wise decisions.

Generally the customers of a Cyber Threat Intelligence service are large companies in the energy, automotive, banking and financial sectors, telecommunication companies such as ISPs or large industrial groups.

It is also a very useful practice in the public sector that is increasingly being attacked by cybercriminals. Investigations of this kind make use of intelligence procedures such as OSINT (Open Source INTelligence), which analyses information from open sources that can be accessed by anyone, and also collects information from social media, thematic forums, or any other source that can bring information relevant to countering threats.

Cyber Threat Intelligence also uses spidering and scraping tools in the web and in the deep web (in some cases even dark web). This kind of tools surf the web pages looking for information that triggers an “alarm”, such as email addresses, credit cards, phone numbers or other information relevant to an attack.

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