SIEM (Security information and event management) systems allow real-time monitoring of accesses and events, in order to identify anomalous events or critical signals and consequently generate alarms that allow a fast intervention, reducing response times and threat detection.

Ensure safety through SIEM

Creating a SIEM system can be a complex process, THE I can help you set up SIEM to respond to threats quickly and accurately.

The main activities consist in collecting logs and events at the system, network and application level and analyze them in an automated fashion, this will highlight any anomalies, help to reduce response times and have more information for further investigation.

The strength of SIEM systems consists in analyzing and centralizing data from different sources:

Security Tools

  1. IPS/IDS
  2. Antivirus
  3. Firewall

Network devices

  1. Router
  2. Switch
  3. Wireless access point


  1. Cloud
  2. WAN
  3. Intranet
  4. Servizi server
  5. Database
  6. Dispositivi degli utenti
  7. Applicazioni web
  8. SaaS

Ensure safety through UEBA

An advanced extension of SIEM is the UEBA, User and Entity Behavior Analytics system, which performs anomaly detection based on standard traffic. UEBA systems constantly collect and store information on the use of applications, hosts, data storage frameworks and network traffic. The system learns to recognize user behavior at the traffic level and when it notices an anomalous behavior it raises the alarm, this allows for better accuracy during remediation because the compromised user is already known.

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