Vulnerability Assessment

The Vulnerability Assessment is an analysis of the security of computer systems, which aims to identify and classify the vulnerabilities of systems according to the level of risk.

We identify and classify vulnerabilities in your systems

The steps of a VA can be resumed in:

  1. Initial assessment: to get to know the assets of the infrastructure under analysis and identify which of them are the ones with the most “value” (e.g. a database with credit card transactions). This step is necessary to evaluate the risk.
  2. Scan: analyze the systems, services, processes and open ports, with automatic scans using third-party software or specific scans performed manually, it is important to check any vulnerabilities in these assets.
  3. Risk Assessment: Analyze the causes of vulnerabilities (e.g. an outdated version of a software) and prioritize the most important ones according to your business and the risk factors resulting from the risk assessment.
  4. Remediation: With the final report will be provided a remediation plan that identifies the main vulnerabilities and the proposed solution. Once the recommended changes have been made, a further targeted assessment will be carried out to verify the resolution of the problems.

Vulnerability Assessment is an essential activity for companies to ensure business continuity and adequate risk prevention and protection.

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